Confirmation Class of 2011

Leading our Youth to Confirm, not Conform

A confirmation

In mid-March we will be beginning a confirmation class for youth here at St. James the Apostle. The program will prepare our young people to celebrate their spirituality, creativity and responsibility in our church community and in the wider world around us.

In the Fall, Bishop Barry Clarke will celebrate with us at St. James and confirm our youth as they continue to grow into the empowerment and adult responsibilities that they receive.

The program will be an opportunity for our youth to explore their ideas, experiences, concepts and understanding of religion and their faith and allow the Holy Spirit to engage with them and equip them for the mission that Christ has called them.

The program will run from March until the Fall with a break during the summer. If you know of any youth (ages 11-15) who would be interested in participating, please speak to Canon Linda or contact the church office.

Note. For any adults (18 years and over) who might be interested in confirmation, please speak to Canon Linda Borden Taylor.

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