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Reaching Out and Doing the Work of Christ

Accomplissons l’œuvre de Dieu dans le monde

Mile End Community Mission

Click on the logo above to visit the Mile End Community Mission website.

On behalf of St. James the Apostle Church and The Shoppe we have taken on as an outreach programme to supply nonperishable goods to Mile-End Mission. Yearly, they provide, 8,000 meals, 15,000 food bags, 350 Christmas gifts, 130 Christmas baskets and Christmas Dinner for 300 people.

Join us and reach out to all people who suffer the effects of poverty. There is a box at the back of the church to drop off your donations. We hope to donate a full box monthly. Monetary donations also accepted. Anything donated would be greatly appreciated. Take this opportunity to become a part of something worthwhile. You can make a difference.

For more information please see Nat Green, Evelyn Rodriques, or in the office (514-849-7577).


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