Pastoral Care

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Evelyn Rodriques

Evelyn Rodriques is the Pastoral Care coordinator.

Pastoral Care is not the exclusive ministry of Pastors, Rectors or Priests, it is the responsibility of everyone to try and contribute in this ministry wherever and whenever possible. The good Lord guides and leads us in ways to perform such duties.

Care, Support, Understanding, Nurturing are something we all need, but as time passes on, some people because of various situations in their lives, require care and assistance more than others to maintain their mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

There are different ways of contributing to Pastoral Care; namely, visiting, phoning, sending cards or letters, etc. But the most important is listening carefully without impositions.

A little laughter and a smile goes a long way. All this must be done with respect and dignity. As one who regularly gives care and assistance in and outside the parish, it gives me great pleasure and satisfaction to be able to give my time to this calling.

Do you know someone who needs pastoral care?
or by telephone at 514 849-7577.


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